2012, England+Wales, Crime Survey

The Crime Survey for England and Wales measures the extent of crime in England and Wales by asking people whether they have experienced any crime in the past year.

The survey has measured crime in this way since 1982 and is a valuable source of information for the government about the extent and nature of crime in England and Wales. The Crime Survey for England and Wales is the new name for the British Crime Survey. A separate survey (the Scottish Crime and Justice survey) measures the extent of crime in Scotland. The survey is conducted by TNS BMRB on behalf of the Office for National Statistics.

The Crime Survey records crimes that may not have been reported to the police and it is therefore used alongside the police recorded crime figures to show a more accurate picture of the level of crime in the country.

In 2011/12 around 67,000 households across England and Wales were invited to participate in the survey.   Three quarters of households invited to take part actually did so and it is thanks to this cooperation from the public that the survey can provide the robust information needed by government to understand the nature of crime in this country.

This website contains more information about the survey for people who have been invited to take part.