2011, EU, Development of a European Crime Report Improving safety and justice with existing crime and criminal justice data

Cross-national comparisons and benchmarking of crime and criminal justice (CCJ) data
provide real opportunities for countries to learn from each other and assess their own
efforts to address CCJ challenges. However, there are numerous data sets from which to
choose and making such comparisons is a complex endeavour. Comparisons must be
undertaken and reported carefully to inform evidence-based policies and changes.
To promote these efforts in the field of CCJ policy, European Commission Directorate-
General Home Affairs (DG HOME) commissioned RAND Europe to create a framework
for developing a European Crime Report (ECR). The main aims of this study are to
inform on the available data and reports for which to build an ECR; clarify analytical
challenges in writing an ECR; and outline design and implementation options for an ECR.
This report will be of interest to government officials, policy analysts and academics and
researchers seeking to understand and address CCJ challenges at the local, regional,
national and international levels.
RAND Europe is an independent, not-for-profit research institution that helps to improve
policy and decision-making through research and analysis. Its clients are European
governments, institutions and firms with a need for rigorous, impartial, multidisciplinary
analysis. This final report has been peer-reviewed in accordance with RAND’s quality
assurance standards.