2005, UE, The Burden of Crime in the EU


Authors, contributors:
Jan van Dijk, Robert Manchin, John van Kesteren, Sami Nevala, Gergely Hideg
A European consortium comprising Gallup Europe1; UNICRI, Italy, Gallup Hungary, the Max
Planck Institute, Germany, CEPS/INSTEAD, Luxembourg and GeoX Ltd., Hungary conducted
a sample survey among inhabitants of the European Union about their experiences with crime
and law enforcement. The survey was carried out in the 15 old member states of the Union plus
Poland, Hungary and Estonia. The study was co-funded by the European Commission, DG
RTD. Preliminary results were presented at a workshop convened at Gallup/EU headquarters
in Brussels on 21 November, 2005. The event was attended by representatives of the EC and
stakeholders from several member states.
Besides the current volume, a series of working papers have also been drafted, each of them
dealing with a particular aspect of safety and criminality in a more in-depth way. The analyses
and research data are available on the consortium website at http://www.gallup-europe.be/EU